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Site Description:

Do you need quality traffic to your website ? Or you only need some Money or Crypto ? It is a good place to get it. Advertise your site here, you will get lot of visitors. When you are surfing you can get surf bonuses.

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Site Benfits:

  •   Manual Surf With A Stable Modern Surf Bar.
  •   Fast 12 Second Manual Surf Timer.
  •   Surf & Earn 0.5 credits per page view.
  •   100 Manual Surf Credits On Account Activation.
  •   100 Purchase Points On Account Activation.
  •   Earn 250 Bonus Credits For Every Referral.
  •   Earn $0.01 For Every 500 pages surfed.
  •   Earn 10% Commission On Direct Down Line Purchases.
  •   Free unlimited web site URL rotator.
  •   View PTC ads for credits and commissions.
  •   Win Multiple Prizes as you manual surf.
  •   Instant Purchase delivery via PayPal, Crypto.
  •   Manual Surf when ever you want with no login surfing.
  •   Participate in regular in-house contests for great prizes.
Site Statistic:

Total members: 67

Members surf yesterday: 0

Sites surf yesterday: 0

Total sites: 29

Active sites: 23